1. Celebrant Code of Conduct 

The Code of Conduct outlines the principles by which Celebrants will practice. Further details can be found in the Standards of Practice

Humanist Celebrants will:

1.  Uphold and exemplify Humanist principles and values 

2.  Treat all individuals with integrity, respect, courtesy and dignity 

3.  Conduct only non-religious ceremonies for which they are accredited, exclusively for the Humanist Ceremonies Network 

4.  Respect confidentiality in all dealings with clients, intermediaries and colleagues 

5.  Recognise and maintain personal and professional boundaries 

6.  Charge fair fees, agreed with clients in advance 

7.  Keep accurate records of all ceremonies agreed to and completed, reporting and paying levies promptly and accurately 

8.  Maintain and promote the reputation of the Humanist Ceremonies Network 

9.  Fulfil their professional responsibilities to clients and intermediaries 

10.  Promptly provide full details of any unspent criminal conviction 

11.  Be supportive and respectful of colleagues, fostering a collegiate and professional culture 

12.  Keep up to date with current Celebrant practice and engage in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) 

13.  Maintain a manageable work/life balance and have regard to their personal safety 

14.  Maintain professional standards in self-presentation, client meetings, script-writing and ceremonies 

15.  Inform the Head of Ceremonies as soon as they are aware of a potential complaint 

16.  Participate in the Humanist Ceremonies™ Complaints Procedure in a professional manner 

17.  Take appropriate action if they have concerns about the professional conduct of a colleague 

Approved by Ceremonies Board and BHA Chief Executive 

May 6th, 2015