A Beautiful Humanist Funeral Ceremony

Celebration of Life

Humanist Funeral

Plan the beautiful Humanist funeral or memorial ceremony that will truly honour your loved one and provide comfort and joy. Choose the most appropriate resting place, sensitive to your and your loved one's beliefs and wishes.

There are no words to explain how difficult today was always going to be but Susan helped us through as she has ever since we met her. and look forwards as well as back.  She made sure that we could smile and even laugh as well as cry  ...and for that we are truly grateful. 

Mrs M. 

Your Choice

Susan Dobinson Humanist  Funeral Celebrant is a Member off The Good Funeral Guild

You do not have to include frameworks, rituals or traditions - unless you wish to. A Humanist funeral ceremony means that you can bring in aspects of your  and your family's beliefs - secular or non-secular; include symbolic elements such as flowers, plants, fruits and colours; include music, poetry, artwork, photo-montages - whatever you wish. 

I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful service and the caring and thoughtful way in which you guided us through it.  C.A.

Thank you for sensitively supporting us in our grief and confusion. N.

Unique and Personal

Humanist Funeral

It will be an honour and a privilege  to support you and ensure your loved one's Humanist funeral ceremony is memorable, cathartic, yet, uplifting.

Your peace of mind that all will run smoothly to appropriately honour your loved one is guaranteed. 

Dear Susan, On behalf of my family, please accept our most sincere thanks for the beautiful ceremony that you conducted for my father, C. You were sensitive, kind and also appropriately humorous, which was gratefully received.

The Life Story was perfect - as you will recollect, we did not change anything when you sent it to us for approval - and perfectly captured the essence and achievements of my beloved Dad. Thank you again. D.

Freedom to Choose

As long as you  abide by UK law in respect of deceased persons, you can choose everything else about how you arrange your loved one's funeral, without restrictions. Using a Humanist Celebrant means that you are free to choose how and where (apart from a church or other religious building) the funeral ceremony takes place such as a ceremony at home, followed by a woodland burial; or, a cremation and memorial service, honouring diverse cultures, faiths and beliefs; or, a burial on private land  with music, poetry and interpretative dance; or, any way that you wish can be explored.

The result will be  highly personal, reflective and moving; providing opportunity to honour and remember the many elements that made your loved one so special to you and rejoice in their life and your enduring memories.

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